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          Faced with deploying optical fiber in a harsh environment?
          Specialty fiber optic products may be the answer.

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          December 16, 2019 – OFS Mark Boxer Elected to Board the Fiber Broadband Association. Read Press Release

          December 11, 2019 – OFS and CommScope have partnered for new fiber and cable innovations that are enabling higher speeds and densities in data centers. Watch Video to Learn More >>

          December 9, 2019 – Fiber Optic Sensing Association Anticipates a Busy 2020 with Election of New Board Members.
          Read Press Release >>

          November 13, 2019 – Join Mark Boxer for My Fiber Cable The Inside Story, a webinar look at the cables used in electric membership cooperative (EMC) networks. Learn More >>


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          Premier Global Provider of Added Value Optical Fiber Based Solutions

          OFS designs, manufactures and provides optical fiber, fiber optic cable, connectivity, FTTx and specialty optical fiber solutions for Communications, Medical, Industrial Networking, Sensing, Government, and Aerospace industries.

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          million kilometers of
          fiber manufactured and deployed

          related patents

          factories throughout the world focused
          on optical fiber technology


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