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          Book tours online in Romania from a network of carefully selected local guides and partners from all over the country!
          We at Romanian Friend want to make tourism better for everyone. Young natives who promote a different way of visiting Romania.
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          So, what do YOU want to do and experience in Romania?


          1. Get out of Sibiu and go on a day trip on Transfagarasan Highway to get the best winter views in Romania!
          2. A short hiking trip from Timisoara to the magical Ochiul Beiului Lake: beautiful nature, peace & quiet, no crowds! YES PLEASE :)
          3. if you're in Brasov go on an easy hiking trip to visit traditional villages, admire beautiful views and enjoy a local lunch!
          4. Romanians had a very different life under communist times. Visit a time-capsule museum in Bucharest to see it!
          5. The Autumn harvest is in so now is the perfect time to visit a food market in Cluj-Napoca and taste Transylvanian cuisine!

          If you need help with planning your trip send us a message or create your custom tour - we're happy to help!


          See our recommendations on what to visit in Romania, where to travel and how to plan your trip! Read local stories and check out events happening now:

          What's happening in Romania
          When Where What
          18 November - 03 January, 2020 Sibiu Sibiu Christmas Fair
          22 November - 31 December, 2019 Cluj-Napoca Cluj-Napoca Christmas Fair
          13 - 15 March, 2020 Cluj-Napoca Edge Design Talks
          29 May - 07 June, 2020 Cluj-Napoca Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF)
          29 May - 07 June, 2020 Cluj-Napoca TIFF
          11 - 14 June, 2020 Cluj-Napoca Sports Festival
          25 - 28 June, 2020 Cluj-Napoca Jazz in the Park
          02 - 05 July, 2020 Constanta Neversea
          02 - 05 July, 2020 Gilau FORM Days
          15 - 19 July, 2020 Bontida Electric Castle
          30 July - 02 August, 2020 Cluj-Napoca Untold
          07 - 09 August, 2020 Bucharest Summer Well
          13 - 15 August, 2020 Smida Smida Jazz Festival 2020
          28 - 30 August, 2020 Sighisoara Dava Festival
          01 - 04 October, 2020 Cluj-Napoca Mioritmic 2020

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